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Colombia, the land of flowers.

Located in the savanna of bogota, with 25 hectares of production and more than 16 years of experience producing and exporting Premium roses, Matina has become a benchmark company in the world of top-quality roses, we are a great family of 400 passionate people that works every day to bring to all our customers in more than 35 countries around the world the best Roses in the market.

About us?

Our goal is to produce high-quality fresh cut roses to guarantee our customers a premium product to assure their needs while maintaining our Mission and Corporate Values, social and environmental responsibility that has been our farms main flags.

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Our unique weather, high luminosity, geographical location and our well-developed production techniques allow us to produce our high-end roses.

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Our high altitude, abundant water, and consistent sunlight create unparalleled conditions to grow the best roses all year round.

Colombia is the second largest producer of cut flowers in the world

For any purpose other than roses sales, please feel free to contact

Department for Human Resources 

For more information and opening hours at our farms, please contact our SALES TEAM.

+57 601 3001662


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